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For over 30 years the Allen Carr's Easyway method has helped over 30,000,000 people to stop smoking

Easily and instantly & without using willpower

No withdrawal symptoms
No weight gain & no craving
Removes the psychological need to smoke

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Since 1983 the Easyway method has spread to 150 Allen Carr clinics spread across 57 countries around the world.

The method has spread around the world by word of mouth for one simple reason:

It works!

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14 Chapters 2.5 hrs

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Celebrities That Quit with Allen Carr.

"His method is absolutely unique... I'm pleased to say it has worked for many of my friends."

Sir Richard Branson

"If you want to quit... it's called the Easyway... and I'm so glad I stopped"

Ellen DeGeneres

"I think it is easy to see that the moral of my story is that drugs, including tobacco and alcohol, only cause suffering. I used Allen Carr’s Easyway and I stopped."

Chrissie Hynde
Musician, Singer & Songwriter - The Pretenders

"It was such a revelation that instantly I was freed from my addiction"

Sir Anthony Hopkins

"I quit with Allen Carr’s Easyway"

Gerard Butler

"I would recommend it to fact I’ve recommended it many times"

Michael McIntyre

"I quit with Allen Carr’s Easyway"

David Cameron
Politician - PM

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Organizations that use Allen Carr's Easyway to help their employees live a smoke free life.

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“The Allen Carr method is totally unique …(we’re) convinced that this is the way forward for a non-smoking future”

“I reckon this method is as fool proof as it gets”

"As his thoughts turned from vanity to mortality, the author found that a gleaming new smile helped him vanquish his deadliest habit....

I have been surprised at how easily I have been able to cast aside cigarettes. For the first time I've seen cigarettes for what they really are

“His skill is in removing the psychological dependence”

“Allen Carr explodes the myth that giving up smoking is difficult"


How many times have you tried to quit?

Every smoker has tried to quit at one point or other, using various methods from 'cold turkey' to nicotine replacements...Only 3% succeed quitting without professional help.

If you are thinking of cutting down, well.... watch this video.


According to an independent study by the University of Vienna the  majority of Allen Carr's clients are smoke free even after 3 years.


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Quit easily with the world's leading method.

No gaining weight, no withdrawal pains & no cravings!

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The online program includes:

14 chapters  2.5 hours.
On demand, watch on any device.

Special hypnotherapy chapter.

Special support clips to assist you after you have quit.

Stop smoking the Easyway just like millions of others around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during the online program?
In a pre recorded video a qualified Allen Carr therapist will present the nature of the smoking trap and what must be done to free oneself from it. Similar to any trap or fraud, as soon as you understand the matter, you will be able to overcome it. This is not a process of autosuggestion, self-persuasion or NLP, but rather a logical, clear and lucid explanation about the addiction mechanism and how to escape from it.

I already know that smoking is unhealthy, what can you add for me?
The scares and cancer threats and other diseases have not helped smokers to quit and, consequently, we do not believe in scare tactics.  You do not smoke because it is unhealthy; you smoke for other reasons. The entire concept is to treat and rid you of the aspect that causes you to want to smoke.

What is the difference between the Easyway and other methods?
Most of the quitting methods are, for the most part, based on willpower – this means that you have to use your willpower in order to overcome your desire to smoke. The Allen Carr Method is not at all based on willpower. Its only purpose is to negate your desire to smoke forever and as such, it is – easy. The goal is to quit smoking immediately, free of any adverse effects, without having to replace cigarettes with food and gaining weight and to feel as if you had never smoked at all.

Can the method also help cigar smokers and people who use electronic cigarettes?

Definitely! The method is intended for anyone using nicotine. The addiction to nicotine is identical in any form in which the addictive substance is consumed and it is effective to the same degree for anyone dependent on electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, cigars and even those addicted to nicotine substitutes such as chewing gum, patches etc. 

 Will I have to make other changes in my life after quitting smoking?
Truly not. You can continue everything as usual and there is absolutely no need to make any changes whatsoever in your lifestyle, unless you wish to do so for other reasons. You can continue drinking coffee, go out for fun, being in the company of smokers and doing everything that you did beforehand without feeling that you are missing the cigarettes. 

What is special or different about the online program compared with Allen Carr’s other products or services?
The online program is a unique service, the purpose of which is to use the advantages of the online medium in order to improve the degree of understanding and the assimilation of the material as well as to make it accessible and easy to use and increase your chances of success. We continuously improve the product pursuant to the responses and feedback from users with the goal of reaching maximum efficiency as well as achieving this within the shortest possible period – within two-and-a-half hours.

What if my spouse smokes?
One of the wonderful things about Easyway is that, when it works, there will not be any problem being in an environment of smokers even if we are with them all the time. If you don’t want to smoke, you will also not want to smoke when you see other smokers.

What if I’m not so sure that I want to stop smoking?
The fear is clear, most smokers only perceive two options: 1. Continue smoking 2. Quit smoking and suffer – to yearn for cigarettes, to gain weight, to envy other smokers, to be irritable etc. Faced with these 2 options, most will choose to continue smoking, because we prefer the familiar over the unknown or over difficulties. But, what if there is a third option: To stop smoking easily, without suffering without envying other smokers or changing habits and to continue enjoying life and feel as if you had never ever smoked that you do not miss cigarettes – would you choose that? That is precisely the Easyway, all that is necessary for success is curiosity and an open mind.


The method causes a perceptual change and will lead you to perceiving smoking as you had never perceived it previously and to reach a mindset in which you are no longer attracted to it.

Smoking a pack a day at $5 a pack is:

$150 a month,

$1800 a year,

in 10 years you will spend


Do the long have you been smoking for?
And how much longer are you going to smoke?
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About Allen Carr

London born Allen Carr devoted over 20 years of himself to helping people overcome addiction.

A former chain-smoker, himself, Allen struggled through many false starts and failed attempts at quitting cigarettes before he discovered the revolutionary approach that would become the Easy Way Method.

His own experience of being severely addicted to smoking gave him a clear understanding of the challenges faced by smokers, and the confidence that absolutely anybody could quit.


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